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Namaste dear inhabitants!


Alright, I think I have figured this group thing out and I am stoked about it. Will be posting some information on what each category is. Hopefully when new members come here they will be able to have an option to join as a member.

A quick breakdown of roles:

Contributors: are the deviants that help run the group and contribute content like blogs, forum threads, gallery deviations, and faves.

A Member is a deviant that has the ability to contribute content, yet does not participate in the management of a group.

A Watcher, identical to a deviant watcher, is a fan of the group and passively watches the activity of a group.

With going to an Art School, I have seen some really neat work and so my creative juices are flowing and I am hoping so is everyone else's. So let's get this group back up and running again like we used to.

So I have some ideas to help all of contests, challenges, tutorials, looking for some more help here soon, chatrooms (if they have it), etc. I know I have been gone for some time and the first thing I hope to do is clean up the group/club to see who still wants to be a part of our new adventures. I want to take us to new the tops of the trees so we can see the sky and beyond.

• • :heart: • •

So here is the line up we have for the month of January:

1.  Find 2 new admins to help by end of 2012 - who is willing to help me. I am a single mom doing this alone and I want this group to get back to where it used to be..hopping and full of wonderful fantasies!!
2.  Find 1 new Contributor to work on our blogs and blog design - by end of 2012 - who is willing to help me. I am a single mom doing this alone and I want this group to get back to where it used to be..hopping and full of wonderful fantasies!!
3.  Hold monthly contest - starting in January 2013

    Title:  Enchanted Dream
    Time:   February 1st to midnight, February 20th, 2011
4.  Work on tutorials (in process)
6.  Update all group blogs by March 2013
7.  Monthly feature reinstated starting January 2013
8.  The Best Of Fantasy Art reinstated starting January 2013
9.  Figure out Gallery issues - for the moment all submissions seem to be going into our 2011 gallery and not the 2012.. so please submit all work to new gallery called 'New 2012 Submissions'  - completed apparently one of the settings some how got switched and it is all corrected now.

Please do not ask for your piece to be a feature since that requires more votes then what we have for current staff!! Thank you.

Also, we need help with getting a sub - without a sub some of our really neat features are gone.. unsure if we could get donations and how that works but if get 20 DA points from everyone we can get back to Super Status.. :-)

Any other suggestion? Please send me a note. Thanks.


TIME TO GET SUBMITTING - We are now excepting submissions.


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    • 1st Place Winners •
3 month subscription from ~ravynfaire;  
1 - 5x7 print paid for by ~Ravynfaire-Stock from only one of the following galleries - winner's choice

Sample of work - :thumb192032782:
Sample of work - Offspring Cover by kerembeyit…

Sample of work - After the rain... by Dianae

Sample of work - Never After by dark-spider…

Sample of work - Swamp King by Candra

1 - Postcard paid for by ~Ravynfaire from only one of the following galleries - winner's choice

Sample of work - EBRU by ertacaltinoz…
Sample of work - The Fairies Vale by cosmosue…
Sample of work - The Commodore by dahlig

1 Feature in ~ravynfaire's journal;
1 Feature in ~Ravynfaire-Stock's journal;

• 2nd Place Winners •
1 month subscription from ~ravynfaire;
1 Feature in ~ravynfaire's journal;
1 Feature in ~Ravynfaire-Stock's journal;
1 - Postcard paid for by ~Ravynfaire from list above

• 3rd Place Winners •
1 Feature in ~ravynfaire's journal;
1 Feature in ~Ravynfaire-Stock's journal;
1 - Postcard paid for by ~Ravynfaire from list above

• Honorable Mentions :
1 Feature in ~ravynfaire's journal;
1 Feature in ~Ravynfaire-Stock's journal;

I am if anyone would like to contribute to the list of prizes, please let me know, it could be a simple feature in a journal. Other prizes are welcome as well.


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club-collab is a club for clubs! Aside from our directory lists (you can view our clubs by description, icons or topics), we're dedicated to featuring the members, admins and mods of our clubs, so you can see what they're all about.

This article is loaded with great features, centered around the theme "Feasts"!

:new: :pointr: View the news article HERE! You've maybe been featured!

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As i've said we're cleaning up our membership list as we do once in a year.

How? We verify that you devwatch us and that our icon is in your FRONT PAGE journal.
If we notice that it's not the case we send you a reminder note.
If after this note nothing is done. Then your membership will be removed.

:police: So verify that our icon OR our stamp(s) are on your FRONT PAGE journal!

:idea: A little tip for those who (like me) are members of MANY clubs on dA and can't put them all on the frontpage journal (or don't want) : just make a box for some clubs icons/stamps in your frontpage journal where you'll place all the icons/stamps required (from clubs like us who want it to be in your frontpage) and create a journal entry will ALL your clubs, linking it in your frontpage!
See my account karemelancholia to see a sample ;-)

Doing that earlier this year because of the new Clubs System that dA is building!

:heart: Kare (what a great note from our old Admin).

• • :heart: • •

A warm welcome to our numerous new members!!

Be sure to check who your team is :…
Don't forget to know who we all are :…
And we're listing for you contests from our affiliates :…

And don't forget our forum :…


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Did you know that Enchanted Forest has its own Forum?
No? :spank:

Check out our current threads :
. Introduce Yourself!
. Suggestions?
. How to use this Forum?

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You love us? Then spread the word (stamps)!!!
Enchanted Forest Stamp by Kare by Enchantedforest  Gift Stamp: Enchanted Forest by emmil

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  ~*~  DO NOT FAVE HERE!!!   ~*~

That also means do NOT DIRECT Link to the Deviations in the club's Gallery (link or thumbs) ;-) Faves should go directly to the artist! Support Them!

:dontfavehere: by Ugghhzilla

Thank you!

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Owner •  


Senior Admin •  


Admin •  

Submissions Admin •  

Submissions Admin •  

Wanna know all admins secrets? See here :…

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DAnnsCreations & cdlitestudio for giving us a ONE year sub :w00t:

Skarbog, Aeirmid & ftourini for donating a subscription!

Thanx so much!

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Here are somes of our recents Affiliates!
Be sure to check them all HERE!


You wish to affiliate with us?  NOTE US!

:iconartisancraft: :iconclubdirectory: :iconpaganarts: :iconclub-collab: :iconthe-wings-club: :icondigital-artisans: :iconmindoflead:

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You wish to affiliate with us?  NOTE US!

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Mavelle-Ealenyr Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this club dead? My submissions keep expiring and no updates appear in my inbox.
xthumbtakx Oct 30, 2013   Photographer
Hi fairy-lovers! If you're looking for a good book to take you on a mystical journey, I suggest checking out Jill Sayre's "Fairies of Turtle Creek" - it's mostly focused for the Fantasy/Young Adult genre, but it's great for all ages and imaginations!
CSS Fairy Glitter Glomp 
You can find the book here: - My hardcover book came with fairy dust! :aww:
The Book Trailer is on Youtube:


Howdy everyone - Scrapbook Designers here,

I think it is time to have some fun here. We designers work hard on the items we make and I think it would be fun to have a Layout Competition.. who is with me?

I will have more information posted soon but I would like to set something up here in a month. The competition would last for 3 weeks, with three different challenges to complete. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner that will be calculated by vote and there will be 3 accommodations.

Here is what I am looking for now..

What I need from you - a prize (this can be in the form of points or a prize like a postcard of their choice from an artist here - maybe a coupon for your store - a special cluster just for them, etc.), a link of your choice and an AVI that I can use to promote
What I will do for you - advertise your site (link) not only here, but also on my FB page, my blog and a couple of other FB sites that I will be posting for this

This is opened to anyone that would like to help out - a feature in your journal and advertising on your blog and Facebook page.

This is a chance for you to show off your skills - there is no booting anyone out of the competition, just three challenges (could be a 12x12 layout, maybe a double page, a set of 6 brag book pages, a card, or an art journal piece, etc.). Just send me a message with good contact information outside of deviantart (unless you are on here daily) so I can contact you the details of the challenge and a reminder along with when we will be starting..

So does this sound like fun? I am excited about. [link]
EdenaBlujul Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
..and my work :hug:
EdenaBlujul Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:Thank you Very Much :iconcolorfulsparklesplz::heart: for adding me to your Beautiful Gallery:iconredroseplz:
EdenaBlujul Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:Thank You Very much :heart::iconcolorfulsparklesplz:: for adding me to your Beautiful Gallery:iconredroseplz:
Your welcome!!
EdenaBlujul Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
2012 folder is full :(
Unsure what happened here since there is not a lot of submissions in it.
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